Herdade do Esporão, located in Alentejo region, occupies more than 1550 ha, with 450 ha of vineyards and 80 ha of olive groves. In 2012, they reopened the wine tourism house, that offers the visitors a close look to what they do and how they do it. The place has a great restaurant with a beautiful view over the vineyard and the lake, as long as a wine bar and a store were visitor can learn about their products.
For the Herdade do Esporão wine tourism identity, we wanted the feeling of the region: the quietness and the detail of the landscape, the pleasant silence of its affluent fauna and the rich and unique cultural tradition. 
The whole identity is based on the traditional blankets characterized by their geometrical patterns in strong colours. We redesigned these patterns and applied them to the several graphic objects. The identity becomes not just one colour or one pattern but a variety of strong colorful patterns that come together to emphasize the strong relationship between Esporão and Alentejo. One of the main features of this identity is also the use of natural materials as craft paper and local woods and fibers, always looking for ways to connect with the environment and the surrounding land. 
Studio: White Studio
Client: Esporão
Year: 2012
Art Direction: Eduardo Aires
Design: Raquel Rei, Ana Simões

Portoflio photography: Álvaro Martino
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