In 2013, Clérigos restaurant opened in downtown Porto. The restaurant serves an eclecletic menu with its own particular touch of class. From tapas and special wines, to traditional portuguese food, snack-bar dishes or even sushi.
The space was the main source of inspiration. With the interior design by Bastir, the space is filled with an overlapping of pattern and textures. The classic burel that covers some of the ceiling and walls, coexists with the traditional geometric tiles that you can find all around the several rooms. The shapes and patterns created by these materials were particularly interesting.
The restaurant also wanted to keep a fresh vibe, with a menu that Portuguese people could relate to.
Traditional sayings and jokes were included in the menus, which became an assortment of newspapers, small flyers and placemats, shaping the customer experience in a very unique way.

Studio: White Studio
Client: Clérigos
Year: 2013
Art Direction: Eduardo Aires
Design: Raquel Rei, Ana Simões, Jorge Amador
Portoflio photography: Álvaro Martino, Jorge Amador
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