This perpetual calendar is a celebration of the nothern culture of Portugal, focusing on the city of Guimarães.
Because of the 2012 nomination of Guimarães as the european capital of culture, we were asked to design a book calendar about it.
As Guimarães is usually called the cradle of Portugal —the city where the country was born—, we found the idea of seeing Guimarães as the heart of Portugal, as its center, compelling and strong enough to support our project. Therefore the main graphic focus of all the information is on the center of the book, the spine that makes the book come together.
Inside, the center is emphasized by the use of pictures and illustrations showing various moments of the cultural life of the city and patterns inspired by the traditional Guimarães embroidery. These patterns are applied throughout the calendar inspiring the free use of the pages.  
On the outside, the center is the book spine. The spine is opened and not covered as usual, so you can see another traditional design, one used on the traditional concertines.
Studio: White Studio
Client: INCM - Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda
Year: 2012
Art Direction: Eduardo Aires
Design: Raquel Rei, Ana Simões
Illustration: Mariana, a Miserável
Texts: Francisca Abreu + Valter Hugo Mãe 
Photography: Paulo Pacheco + João Peixoto + Márcia Lessa
Paper: Fedrigoni woodstock collection
Portfolio photography: Álvaro Martino
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