Serralves Ecosistema Criativo

Serralves Creative Ecosystem (Competition submission)

Serralves Creative Ecosystem 
(Competition submission)
"An ecosystem is a community of organisms (plants, animals and microbes) living in conjunction with non-living components of their environment (such as air, water, mineral soil) interacting as a system. These biotic and abiotic components are linked together via cycles of nutrient and energy flows."
These energy flows, these overlapping elements and organizations are key to the development and boosting of the creative industries. It’s in connection, networking and interaction that we can find synergies that will allow us to grow and consolidate ideas and projects. The Serralves Creative Ecosystem should reflect that intent. 
This identity accentuates a will to connect, a network, an organized chaos and creative explosion. The overlap
of ideas, here represented by the various standards and their guidelines, potential variation and flexibility of identity, give the image of the event the freshness and spontaneity that creative industries represent.
The Logo
The logo aims to counteract the cleanliness and simplicity of typography with Indulgence, flexibility and range 
of colors and patterns. In a symbolic way each pattern represents one of the elements of this event with three important parts: Serralves, Ecosystem and CreativityAssuming its position is not fixed, typography is usually located at right of the patterns, and so, able to better adjust it self to the medium. Ultimately, the typography could even appear on top of a large scale pattern.
The Pattern
The three patterns can be used together or separately superimposed. When used together the patterns must always maintain the same proportion so that the lines and circles have the same thickness.
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